I’m Laura and I am guessing you’re here to learn more about me and how I can contribute to the success and awareness of your organization.

I am passionate about what I do and I hope that this blog helps you understand how I could help improve your online presence, community engagement and internal communication initiatives.

Let’s get started!

Laura is a tremendous employee who is self-motivated and will quickly adapt. She provides creative solutions that not only focus on long-term goals, but executing day-to-day challenges and measuring their accumulated results.

She possesses the ability to communicate and can represent any company or product with strategic purpose and targeted precision. Her metric reporting and benchmarking corporate goals makes her an asset to any company or firm.

If you have the pleasure of collaborating with Laura, I cannot highly recommend her enough. She is a rare breed that both understands and possesses the tools to accomplish any marketing and communicative task.

Thomas Kulig, Marketing Manager, Brown Distributing

Laura Sasaninejad has been part of the Brown Distributing Team since early 2014 and has been a valuable resource to the company. She started with us as a Marketing and Events Coordinator and in a short time; She excelled and was promoted into the role of Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist.

Laura has helped Brown execute hundreds of events, build our presence on a variety of social media outlets, has created invaluable content and has organized all of these elements most efficiently. Laura is very personable, creative, hard worker and an amazing communicator. She has always remained extremely positive and enthusiastic about taking on new challenges and has been a great face for our company.

She is extremely dedicated, and a loyal team member. I am confident that Laura will be an asset to your company.


Ian Salzberg, Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Brown Distributing

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